Vision & Mission


  • Vision

Rosebank College is an independent, co-educational Catholic school offering a dynamic learning environment for students in Years 7 – 12. Founded in 1867 and operated by Good Samaritan Education, the College has a rich, Good Samaritan Benedictine heritage that draws on ancient wisdom for a modern world.

  • Mission

Rosebank College is a place where the ‘Good Samaritan’ approach enhances a learning community in a nurturing environment. This is achieved through responsible stewardship and supported by servant leadership to inspire the development of the Rosebank graduate.

The vision for Rosebank is that it is recognised as a place of academic excellence, where students are supported and challenged. It strives to be a flexible and inclusive learning community, which reaches out to others in prayer, practice and perspective. Rosebank proudly maintains its traditions and aims to respond critically and intelligently to our changing world and its demands. It is envisaged that Rosebank is the school of choice for both staff and students; where they are engaged fully in their teaching and learning and use it to make a difference in their world.

The College’s Mission is to see all students graduate with an education which inspires them to pursue a love of learning and achieve a balance between their spiritual, intellectual, physical and social development. As a Catholic Community in a multicultural environment, Rosebank responds actively to the challenge of giving witness to its role as an advocate of justice.